Taking info-bio-nano to a new level of understanding, creating a new layer for research:

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•    Dr. Brian Ikejiaku: Regulation of Cyber Space Security: Burning issues

•    Prof. Hasan Al-Saedy: Viability of Local Linear Complexity Attack on A5/1 Encryption Algorithm

•    Android Bio-warp communication using cybernetic techniques for mobiles by the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce
The variation in the physical and functional features of mobile devices defines and determines the market position of this highly competitive and indispensible modern day product. Incremental improvements are proposed and implemented in mobile phones on daily basis. This paper, however, studies and analyses a radical shift in mobile phone technology that uses the palm of the hand capable of interacting with fashion accessories, such as rings and  watches, fitted with embedded systems through RFID communication links thus eliminating the need for physical phone.

The paper will also extend the study to include the possible integration of biological neurons with mobile technology. A computational model of such system will be presented and studied. An ambitious model of multi-purpose bionic glove capable of sensing the environment will be presented and studied in this paper
Prof. Muhammad Farmer, Chief Executive, British Institute of Technology & E-commerce, UK

•    Revolutionising security in the UAE through the use of Biometric technology and developing a comprehensive framework to address identity, trust and security in e-government by the Emirates Identity Authority

Identity and trust are two important issues that surround any service providing system operating in a distributed environment and which deals with sensitive details of its users. This paper explains how trusted digital infrastructure provided by Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) would help to create citizen-centric government services in the United Arab Emirates. The main focus of the paper would be to explore a cohesive framework by providing a systematic approach to create a robust information sharing system within a secure environment. A model will also be presented to explain how synergy among institutions can be achieved and how a user would be able to access web-based government services with a single login using a universal identity card.  
Dr. Al-Khouri is the Director General (Under Secretary) of Emirates Identity Authority

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