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Economic diversification is a common and fundamental desire for many developing countries whose rapid rate of growth has been underpinned by oil-based revenues. Nowhere is this more prevalent than within the states that make up membership of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The desire of many, not least the UAE, is to see the creation of higher-value employment opportunities, especially for Nationals, and  maximising the participation of women in the workforce. This is a significant challenge requiring enhanced knowledge transfer partnerships.

The WHTF, in focussing on the future potential of the Emirates that make up the UAE, aims to encourage global partnerships for investment and entrepreneurial activity. The WHTF will highlight how hi-technology can, and does, contribute to economic diversification.

While the UAE Government continues to work towards enhancing the general business environment, the task of enhancing the economy and business climate will rely also on the contribution of private sector initiatives – initiatives that will encourage National employment.

The notion of public-private sector partnerships on a global scale is one which is wholly championed by the WHTF. In particular, the  conference and dinner will explore opportunities for enhancing the role of UK business plc in further integrating the UAE into the global economy.

Britain is ‘Open for Business’! …Shaping the global landscape for technology-based knowledge transfer and partnerships that lead to real business opportunity. “Open for business”, David Cameron speaking on UK Foreign Trade Policy, USA, 22 July 2010


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