Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre


The World Hi-Tech Forum 2008: Focus India opened with a dinner hosted by television presenter Nick Ross on 7 October at the Science Museum in London at which the keynote speech, Peace for Prosperity  will be given by the Prince of Arcot, India. Lord Sainsbury of Turville will receive a Championing of Technology Award. The dinner and conference are supported by the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce (BITE), Rolls Royce, Microsoft and KPMG.

The conference, Focus India takes place on 8 October at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. Speakers include, Shri A Raja, Minister of Communications and IT, Government of India. A plenary session on Innovation and Global partnering will be led by Arun Agarwal, Vice President, Tata and Ric Parker, Rolls Royce. The special guest of honour from the Indian government is Dr D. R Shekhawat.

In considering Business Success through Innovation and Global Partnering, plenary sessions of the Forum will consider the role of Government, the innovation process, global partnering and beyond the Internet. The Chair of the World Hi-Tech Forum, Dr Muhammad Farmer said, The aim of the Forum is to concentrate on a different ‘focus country’ each year, with presentations from government and leading companies providing valuable high-level, shared learning. It will bring the global community together to facilitate technological and business partnerships.

Dr Farmer added, Today’s world offers many opportunities for new businesses based on emerging technologies. However, the pace of development, together with the ever-accelerating speed of communication of ideas and transport of goods and people bring new challenges to the leaders of organisations. The Forum will explore how one of the significant factors in success in the future will be a clear vision of the whole process from technology to market. Entrepreneurs must consider the global picture in all aspects of their planning, whether it is technology creation and development, production or marketing. Innovation is essential, whether it is in the form of new technology or in the approach to business development and partnering.

Co-Chair of the Forum, Professor Terry Knibb said, A key consideration of the Forum is the rapidly changing balance of research, technology and manufacturing between developed and developing nations. It is no longer enough to develop a product and then look for ‘cheap manufacturing’ elsewhere. Developing nations have expertise in all stages of the process, and this must be harnessed efficiently.



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