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In Association with Invest in Turkey (Turkish Prime Ministry) Rolls-Royce, UKTI and TBCCI

The British Institute of Technology & Ecommerce in Association with Rolls Royce, the Turkish Embassy, UKTI, Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry is delighted to organise the World Hi-Tech Forum 2013 focus Turkey.

At a time of great change in Europe, Middle East and Asia Turkey has re-emerged both as a regional power and a bridge between Eurasia. It
can act to revive trade, commerce, business and industry in this high growth region of the world economy. Turkey can also become the engine for the economic diversification and driver of a Marshall plan for the entire region. This will be like resurrecting the ancient Silk route.

The WHTF, in focusing on the future potential of Turkey aims to encourage global partnerships for investment and entrepreneurial activity. The WHTF will highlight how hi-technology can, and does, contribute to economic diversification. While the Turkish Government continues to work towards enhancing the general business environment, the task of enhancing the economy and business climate will rely on the contribution of private sector initiatives. Initiatives that will encourage National employment. The notion of public-private sector partnerships on a global scale is one which is wholly championed by the WHTF. In particular, the conference and dinner will explore opportunities for enhancing the role of UK business plc in further integrating with Turkey into the global economy.


· Rolls Royce
· Fujitsu


Engaging government and leading companies in valuable high-level, shared learning will bring the UK-Turkish business community together to facilitate technological and business partnerships. The conference is designed to stimulate new entrepreneurial partnerships that will offer sustainable economic advantage to both the UK-Turkey. There will be an emphasis on promoting bilateral trade, Investment and technology transfer. It will also provide business opportunities for matchmaking between different partner to be arranged so that a deal flow and transactions pipeline is initiated. It also seeks to promote the concept of health campuses and invite the world to free trade activity.


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