Crick Hall, University Centre England, 252-262 Romford Road, London E7 9HZ


The British Institute of Technology, England organises an awards evening with dinner hosted by the Earl of Erroll. The BITE Oxbridge Society “Star Pupil Awards” is an initiative that has been developed to encourage pupils to expand their creative horizons through engagement. A chosen team of the Star Pupils are then made ambassadors of success and visit schools to share their achievement.

GCES A* England Gold Award
GCES A* England Silver Award
GCES A* England Bronze Award

The event is held at the Crick Hall, University Centre, 252-262 Romford Road, London E7 9HZ. If you would like to nominate your pupil or child who have been given indicative grades of minimum of 5 A* in their GCSE Levels. Please send the name and contact details to info@bite.ac.uk.

The closing date for 2017 the Star Pupil Awards is 31st August 2017.