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The Programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to reflect on and develop innovative management strategies and practice. You will be able to explore and consider your own management philosophy intertwining the learning practice and professional experience. The unique fusion of modules will engage you at executive decision making level and develop you in multi-disciplinary management theories and practices.

The Strategic Management is a bespoke programme that will take you through the core understandings of interdisciplinary Management and enable you to specialise in the sector you are working with or aspiring to.  We believe that the knowledge you will develop will be relevant and in line with the executive skills that employers require, enabling you to use them in the local, national and international business and public-service organisation.


The demand for specialist Postgraduate Diploma’s is driven by the increasing requirement for public and non-public sectors within the target markets to achieve an increase in skills relevant to the core issues and challenges they face. There are additional demographic pressures within these countries as a result of globalisation and the various nationalisation processes underway across north Africa and the Middle East. The PgD Strategic Management has been developed to create a fusion between the manager and the organisation. The pedagogic approach adopted through the integrated nature of delivery and assessment of the curriculum develops the ability of students to be better able to tackle the interrelationships and interconnections between and within organisations, their external environment and in the management and leadership of organisations.  The PgD Strategic Management will enable them to widen their knowledge base of and be more capable of contributing to the strategic focus of the business sector they wish to enter, or are currently in; it will transform their management skills, enabling them to be more pragmatic and professional in their strategic thinking, planning and execution.


This programme shares a common set of aims:

– To offer a comprehensive programme that provides an opportunity to study leadership, management and the impact of technology on the techniques of management and society in general.
– To provide you with a programme offering a balance of theory, case studies and practical skills that will facilitate your intellectual and professional development.
– To equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the postgraduate award, and to continue your lifelong development of learning.

Learning outcomes

The main programme objectives, common to all the modules are to enable you to develop and enhance your:
– critical and analytical approaches to management theory practice and research.
– ability to evaluate management techniques, tools and models in a variety of contexts.
– creative management ideas and how this is put into practice.
– research skills, methodologies and paradigm.
– skills to demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking and strong personal and interpersonal skills while abstracting meaning from information and sharing knowledge
– skills to effectively undertake research, perform within a team environment and communicate reasoned, analytical findings in oral and written form


– Strategic Management
– Operational Management
– Business Development Management
– Corporate Organisation and Governance

On completion students may progress to the MBA with partner institutions.

Learning and Teaching Strategy

The programme aims to develop an approach to learning which encourages you to “transform” and analyse critically rather than simply to “reproduce” the theories and ideas to which you are introduced. Overall the intention is to enable you to develop as someone who is proficient in the acquisition of the relevant knowledge and skills in the various fields of management and someone who is committed to a critical understanding of your own learning and potential professionalism. A variety of teaching methods will be used and you will be expected to lead discussions based on your own research activities and to work in tandem with colleagues to present information and solutions to case problems. At all times you will be encouraged to reflect on, and take responsibility for, your own learning. The tutorial and seminar groups are a key component of the programme and aim to help you to analyse the underlying principles and practices of management and assess their application to issues in a specific organisation. The main approaches to learning and teaching on the programme can be summarised as:
– an emphasis on the role of learners in acquiring knowledge; the view that learning is not something that happens to students, it is something that students make happen
– a need to develop the skills of a self managed learning process
– a need to develop the skills of self-assessment
– an awareness of the challenge of working at postgraduate level and the importance of developing a critical approach to study
– an awareness of learning as an activity to be supported by and shared with others – colleagues, mentors, tutors.

English language requirement:

– IELTs 6.5 or British English Language Testing or equivalent


– The Course Fee is £6000 per annum plus VAT

What qualifications would I need to join this programme?

The entry requirements for the award are normally:

A first degree, or equivalent professional qualification
Significant and equivalent experience in a relevant industry context.

Admission to the programme with advanced standing is possible for applicants who already hold a recent, relevant postgraduate qualification, or who already have substantial recent, relevant experience. In this case Advanced Prior Learning (APL) or Advanced Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) credit will be given against specific modules.