The World Hi-Tech Forum is supported by the British Institute of Technology, England, Rolls Royce, Microsoft and KPMG. Today’s world offers many opportunities for new businesses based on emerging technologies. However, the pace of development, together with the ever-accelerating speed of communication of ideas and transport of goods and people bring new challenges to the leaders of organisations. One of the significant success factors for the future will be a clear vision of the whole process from technology to market. Entrepreneurs must consider the global picture in all aspects of their planning, whether it is technology creation and development, production or marketing. Innovation is essential, in the form of new technology and in the approach to business development and partnering.
The aim of the Forum is to concentrate on a focus country with presentations from government and leading companies providing valuable high-level, ‘shared learning’ from around the world. The World Hi-Tech Forum has brought billions of pounds inward investment to the host and the focus country with great success and legacy. Our bespoke services included business networking, match making, market study and global partnership.